Emergency Plumbing Repairs

Clog Rooter


Clogs can be avoided by taking care to keep debris out of drains and keeping pipes in good condition. However, clogs are still bound to occasionally happen.

Sewer Repair


Repairing or replacing your sewer main does not have to be an expensive hassle when you have Jacksonville Elite Plumbers working for you. We have built

Water Heater


All water heaters require regular maintenance to run efficiently and prevent problems. However, even well-maintained water heaters will eventually break down.

Plumbing emergencies don’t have to upturn your life when you have Jacksonville Elite Plumbers working for you. Our plumbers are licensed, certified and insured to handle all residential and commercial plumbing emergencies, including:
• Clogged toilets
• Broken and clogged sewer mains
• Leaking pipes
• Flooding basements
• Garbage disposal repair
• Hot water heater repair and replacement

We are available 24/7 for plumbing emergencies in the Jacksonville, FL area. Our rates are fairly priced and we work quickly to get problems solved so you can get back on with your life.

Plumbing Emergency Tips
• Know where your shutoff valves are located: One of the worst things that can happen during a plumbing emergency is to have water leak or spill over your home, resulting in serious water damage which then turns into mold damage. Prevent this by knowing where your water shutoff valves are located. Shutoff valves should also be kept lubricated so they are easy to turn during an emergency!
• Soak up water immediately: Don’t let water damage turn into mold damage. Put towels on floors to soak up water. You will also want to set up fans to speed up evaporation and turn on dehumidifiers to collect moisture.
• Use duct tape for temporary fixes: If you have a leaking pipe and are unable to control the flow of water through it, then you can use duct tape as a temporary fix until a professional plumber arrives to fix the leak.
• Don’t rely on liquid drain cleaner: Liquid drain cleaner is ineffective with most clogs. It may eat away some of the grime on your pipes, but this is just a temporary solution. Don’t wait until clogs get so bad that your pipes close off completely. Call for drain cleaning problems early on instead of dumping toxic liquid drain cleaner down your drains!
• Take gas problems seriously: Any suspected problem with your gas lines or gas fixtures should be taken seriously. If you smell gas, get out of your home right away. Remember, you should not use your cell phone indoors during a suspected gas leak. Wait until you are away from your home to call the gas and fire company.

We Help You Through Plumbing Emergencies

Jacksonville Elite Plumbers are proven experts in solving plumbing emergencies. We have helped thousands of local residents and businesses through emergency situations ranging from backups to leaking pipes in slabs. No matter how big or small the job is, we always act professionally and aren’t satisfied until you are.

Our Jacksonville Elite Plumbers are:
• Licensed, certified and insured
• 100% committed to your satisfaction
• Courteous and respectful
• Efficient so plumbing emergencies are solved quickly

Contact us anytime to have a licensed emergency plumber sent to your address in Jacksonville, FL. (904) 712-9051

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