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All water heaters require regular maintenance to run efficiently and prevent problems. However, even well-maintained water heaters will eventually break down.

All water heaters require regular maintenance to run efficiently and prevent problems. However, even well-maintained water heaters will eventually break down. When this happens, it may be time to consider water heater replacement services from Jacksonville Elite Plumbers.

Repair or Replace a Water Heater?
When your water heater malfunctions, it often happens unexpectedly so you didn’t have time to budget for the expense of a new water heater. So, you might be inclined to try to repair your water heater as the first solution. Depending on a few factors, it might be better to repair or replace.

If your water heater is still under warranty, it is almost always best to repair it. If your water heater quits when it has just gone out of warranty (usually 6 years after purchase), then it isn’t as clear-cut whether you should repair or replace. Have a licensed water heater technician diagnose the problem and give an estimate of repair costs. Often, repairs are simple to perform but require an expensive replacement part. Considering the cost of the part, it makes more sense to replace the water heater with a more efficient model. Replacement also makes more sense when your old water heater is constantly having problems which need repair. You will save money in the long run on repair costs by buying a new water heater.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Water Heater

Today’s water heaters are significantly better than water heaters from the past. This is particularly true of tankless (on-demand) water heaters which can now instantaneously provide unlimited water to individual fixtures. Tankless models don’t have the waste associated with traditional models and can save you money on utility bills. Even traditional tank-style water heaters are more efficient than older models and will save you money on water heating costs.

Upgrading to a Tankless Water Heater
Tankless water heaters are becoming increasingly more popular in homes, and for very good reasons. Some of the pros of upgrading to a tankless water heater include:
• Energy savings – save more than 20% on your utility bills!
• Longer lifespan – tank water heaters last around 10 years whereas tankless models last about 20 years
• Save space – tankless water heaters are compact in size

There are some downsides which need to be taken into consideration when deciding whether to upgrade to a tankless water heater. The main one is the immediate cost. Tankless water heaters are generally installed at individual fixtures, which means you need one water heater per room or fixture. If you try to use one large tankless water heater for multiple fixtures, then you could have flow problems if you try to take a shower, wash the dishes, and run a load of laundry at the same time. Make sure a licensed plumber is calibrating your hot water needs so you get a tankless water heater with the right flow capacity!

Other Green Water Heating Solutions

Tankless water heaters aren’t your only options for going green and saving money on water heating. Jacksonville Elite Plumbers specializes in energy-saving solutions and can help you find the right solution for your needs. Some options include:
• Solar Water Heating: In Jacksonville, solar water heating is often a good option because of the sunny Florida days. Solar panels are cheaper than ever to purchase and you can even make money on solar systems when you have surplus energy coming in.
• Hybrid Water Heaters: These water heaters combine the properties of tank and tankless water heaters. You can also heat your home on the same system, which means efficiency and cost savings.
• Hot Water Recirculation: When hot water has to travel long distances to get to its destination (such as from a basement boiler to a second-floor shower), a lot of heat is lost. Hot water recirculation systems use pumps to re-circulate cool water which was in the hot water line. The cool water goes back to the hot water heater instead of down the drain.
• Water Recovery Systems: This innovative system is fast and easy to install, and also affordable. It uses a device which is installed in drains where hot water flows (usually the shower). The device captures the heat from the hot water and transfer the heat back to the shower. The dirty water is not re-circulated.
• Water Heater and Pipe Insulation: One of the most basic things you can do to save hot water is to have your water heater and pipes properly insulated. It is cheap, easy, and can lower your utility bills significantly.

Water Heater Maintenance Plans
Jacksonville Elite Plumbers offers water heater maintenance plans for residents and businesses. This maintenance is usually scheduled in addition to other plumbing maintenance services, such as drain cleaning and inspections.

By having your water heater regularly serviced, you can prevent many common problems which lead to breakdown – such as by removing sediment and hard water buildup which destroys water heater parts. Your water heater will last longer and you are spared the hassle of water heater malfunctions.

Your Reliable Partner for Water Heater Services
Jacksonville Elite Plumbers are proven experts in water heater repair and replacement. We have helped thousands of local residents and businesses replace and upgrade their water heaters for improved efficiency and comfort. We approach each job with a fresh perspective and customize solutions based on our years of experience.

Our Jacksonville Elite Plumbers are:
• Licensed, certified and insured
• Courteous, respectful and always on time
• Experienced working with gas, electric, tankless, and solar water heaters
• Efficient when working so water heater replacements get finished swiftly

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